About Me

I snapped this selfie last year around the holidays.

Hi there 🙂 I’m Sher. I am 29 years old and live on the Oregon coast with my fiancé and our 10 year old dog, Billie Boston (yes, he is a Boston Terrier).

This is Billie Boston. He is ridiculously handsome and knows it too.
My fiancé and I on the coast, January 2015 🙂

I have struggled with binge eating since my early childhood. I’m not exactly sure what triggered it then, nor am I really sure sometimes what triggers it now. It’s an extremely complex topic for me. I created this blog so that I could write about my experiences with binge eating, in addition to other topics such as health, fitness, food, and other random things.

It has taken a lot of courage to create this blog, knowing that I will be sharing these particular thoughts and the truth about my eating habits with friends, family, and the entire internet. However, it is my hope that blogging will help me sort through some of my thoughts and emotions and perhaps help others understand a little more about binge eating and what it’s like.

It is also my hope that this blog will serve as some form of accountability for the choices I make.. and that it will also allow me to capture my journey as I change my eating and fitness habits and regain what my eating disorder took from me.

I also would like to connect with others who have similar stories and even with those who don’t. We may all walk a slightly different path in life, but there’s still plenty we can learn from each other. Thanks for stopping by!


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