Note to Self: It’s President’s Day (A HOLIDAY)

Today was a pretty good day. The fiancé and I (let’s call him Fen, as I wish to maintain some anonymity on this website for the time being) hung around the house a little bit this morning while I worked on some things here and there. For Valentine’s Day, his Dad sent us some candy and this self-inflating balloon that comes in a bag.

The packaging that the self-inflating balloon came in.

The balloon comes in a package that you are supposed to set on a flat surface and whap with your fist. I guess the impact triggers some sort of chemical reaction, causing the balloon to inflate and pop out of the bag. Only.. in our case, it didn’t inflate all the way. So after a minute or so of him filming this and us taking turns poking at it, I finally picked it up. It was really cold to the touch, but I could see that the bag hadn’t ripped open entirely. So I pulled on it to get it to open the rest of the way, and there was a loud pop as the balloon burst from the bag.

The balloon.

I screamed pretty loudly, dropped the balloon, and ran into the bedroom. Fen recorded the whole thing! We were both laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe in the end. Lesson learned. I think.

We watched a movie after that called Wicked Little Things that was about these zombie kids who died in a horrible coal mine accident. They came out at night and ate people. It was.. somewhat gory, but OK. I had to look away at times. I am not one for gore, I end up getting sick.

Mr. Boston snuggling with Dad during the movie.
Mr. Boston snuggling with Dad during the movie.

After the movie Fen had some work-related things to take care of, so he focused on those and then we left to run some errands and head toward the beach for the day. Somehow throughout the entire day we kept forgetting it was President’s Day. I had to remind myself in the morning when I couldn’t get ahold of my bank. Then I had to remind myself again when I tried mailing something at the post office. Then I had to remind myself yet again when we got to the beach only to find it PACKED with people and their off leash dogs. Our dog, Mr. Boston, doesn’t do very well with other dogs… so trying to walk him on a beach that would be that crowded with other dogs would have just been a total nightmare. So instead we turned around and headed toward a park with some lakes.

A view of the lake.

It was a really beautiful park. I have never been there before today, but really enjoyed the trails and the scenery. I suspect we will be back for many, many more walks and hikes through the hills.

Fen walking with Billie.. or Billie walking Fen?

Billie enjoyed the park too. He got to sniff and mark nearly everything (or so it seemed) and even tried to shove his face into a pile of poison ivy (poor Billie (no, actually, poor mom and dad)).

Isn’t he just dapper?

And of course.. the outing wouldn’t be complete without a photo of the two of us together..


Nor would it really be complete without a photo of us goofing off..

Honestly, I think this more adequately describes us.

But in all seriousness, we both enjoyed ourselves. We spent the rest of the evening watching a movie called An American Haunting, which was equally as good.. though the true stories behind the Bell Witch are a little scary if you ask me.

Well.. done with Presidents’ Day, onto the rest of the week 🙂