Roll, Roll, Roll Your Oats..


I wanted to make a quick post about my rediscovery of oats for breakfast. I have been looking for a low-fat, low-cholesterol (I can get carried away with the scrambled eggs), low-sugar alternative for breakfast that I won’t get sick of. I also wanted something with some protein in it. The last couple of weeks I’ve been making a bowl of cooked rolled oats (no… I don’t roll them myself. I’m not that special) with fresh fruit for breakfast and it hits the spot everytime!

I have been switching up the fruit that I use. Last week I used strawberries and this week it has been blueberries. I am thinking next week I’ll try sliced apples. But there’s always the option of bananas, raspberries, blackberries (especially in the summer, as they grow EVERYWHERE in this state), and… other fruits I have yet to think of. Mango? Mmm. Mangoooo…

Rolled oats cooked in rice I also cook the oats in rice milk. I learned this neat little trick from my sister. The rice milk sweetens as it cooks, so it sweetens the oats too, but it also makes them creamier. Try it! You can also use soy milk (and I think regular milk? I don’t know.. (Did I ever mention I am a vegetarian/vegan-three-days-a-week? (No, I didn’t.. time for another post..))), but the soy milk tends to curdle and thicken if you aren’t careful.. so I just stick with rice milk.[/caption]

I have found lately too that I crave the oats in the morning. especially when I go for my walks.

What does your breakfast routine consist of?

What other ways have you cooked or prepared rolled oats?

I have also thought about soaking them overnight in rice milk.. but maybe I will save that for the summer, as I prefer having warm breakfasts in the winter.

Anyway. Happy oating.. I mean eating 🙂 Have a great day!